(No.204) Best IXP Internet Governance practices: how to handle the increasing governance task without harming human rights

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Workshop Theme: 
Security, Openness and Privacy
Theme Question: 

Question 3 and 5

Concise Description of Workshop: 

Governments increasingly look towards IXPs for governance, policing and surveillance tasks. The following results can be observed:

  • chilling effects (resulting in pre-emptive take-downs and other limitation to the freedom of expression)
  • extra costs for IXPs
  • loss of innovation
  • increasingly difficult relation between the IXP and the users/customers
  • disappearance of the open internet
  • overall decrease of trust in the internet
  • less secure internet

Based on real-life examples an ISP and an IHP will shortly plenary introduce the issues they encounter. After that there will be an interactive discussion on best practices for IXPs in order to come up with a set of practices which could shed a clear light on the role of of IXPs and what governments, users and others can and should expect from their IXPs. This will result in a discussion on the different roles and responsibilities to ensure the protection of intrinsic human rights. This topic is especially interesting since it is facing the global north and the global south alike. The current model puts a lot of responsibilities with IXPs who should on the one hand protect their users and on the other hand comply with requests from national authorities. The latter shouldn't necessarily always overrule the former without due process although this is what tends to happen. A discussion an clear conclusion could help provide clear checks and balances. The ISP and the IXP provide examples from a Dutch context because of their experience in the Netherlands, One of the countries with the highest internet and broadband penetration, experiences. International context will be provided by Tarik Nesh-Nash and Access Now.

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  • XS4ALL

  • Greenhost

  • Free Press Unlimited


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  • Margreth Verhulst XS4all

  • Sacha van Geffen Greenhost

  • Tarik Nesh-Nash www.reforme.ma

  • Katherine Maher Access Now

  • Marietje Schaake MEP


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